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We have organic store in kalka ji, Deals in organic groceries

Azaya Organics

The Covid-19 Pandemic taught us a lot. That the greatest 3 magical words are probably Health is Wealth. There could not have been a bigger and worse wake up call for anyone than this pandemic to make us realise the importance of health.


Organic food has often occupied a prime spot when it comes to consuming safe nutritious and healthy food. People are now more conscious about their health and eating habits.


Thats why we have opened organic groceries in Kalaka Ji 

Since 2016 our team has been in the business of providing the best for you and your loved ones filled in little packages of foods and groceries required in daily life.  


With that thought our company brings you it’s latest brand “AZAYA ORGANICS” the 1st one of a kind venture in India that brings to you all the organic based products under one roof. And we have bring organic store near you in kalka ji.


Giving you all organically sourced products the best for your family.


This new venture has been started by MRS. Mahima Sharma
Azaya organics has many elements like a •LIVE ATTA CHAKKI• that functions in front of you for all types of attas: From gluten free to multigrain , diabetic and much more.


Also •LIVE WOOD PRESSED OIL MACHINE• that processes all types of oil like : Kachi Ghani, Mustard Oil, Groundnut Oil and many more.


We also have organically sourced 
•LIVE GRINDED SPICES• the heart of all dishes in India.


Pure Bilona Cow Desi Ghee  A2 desi ghee, Organic Pulses and directly farmer sourced dry fruits are also some of the many things that we include.

With all our dedication we are very glad to present to you our brand in organic shop that near you and we look forward to thrive with you all for a healthier lifestyle in today’s stressful life regimes.

We source are ingredients from villagers who cultivate from pure organic fields. Organic products are grown without using synthetic chemicals: like fertilizers, pesticides, and fumigants.


These are replaced with bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and fully decomposed khaad. Although it maybe a little bit costly but beneficial in the long term.


Because as it is said Health is Wealth.

Delivering Freshness Every Day at a Time

We Take Sustainability Seriously

Supporting Local Products

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