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Benefits of Jamun Honey for Diabetes: Azaya Organics

Are you diabetic? Lately having sweet cravings but you are afraid of your sugar levels. Don’t worry we got you covered. We have it in our exclusive store Organic Jamun Honey. Yes, you heard it right, Now You will have many questions about it. What is it? What are the benefits of jamun honey? How are you claiming it to be diabetic safe, and many more? We will tell everything about it

Let us start our journey to understand better about our organic honey and its health benefits in the long run for diabetic patients.

What is Organic Jamun Honey?

Jamun loads with vitamin C and is rich in vitamin A. It is a good source of potassium and has Antibacterial and antimalarial properties that are beneficial for healthy eyes and skin, good for heart health, improves haemoglobin count, prevents infections, and is good for diabetes.

Jamun honey is Monofloral which means it contains predominantly the nectar of the Jamun flower. It is unique in taste because of the hinge of bitterness it carries. The bitter tinge, sweetness and sourness when combined make for a true surprise to your taste buds.

The bees make the honey from the nectar of jamun flowers.

We all know the honey consists of various flower nectars that bees collect and then convert into honey, but here they use only the nectar from Jamun. From their only our Organic jamun honey is retrieved. There are various benefits of jamun honey for diabetic patients, which we will discuss in the laster part of our blog.


Honey jamun has other surprises apart from its bitter-sweet taste. The low glycemic index makes it suitable even for diabetics. All these benefits of Jamun Honey makes it a truly unique food. 

Benefits of Jamun honey for Diabetes

There are numerous benefits of jamun honey and the rich properties of this unique food gives us many varieties of benefits as follows:

Rich In Antioxidants

Organic Jamun honey has lots of antioxidants due to which it reduces the harmful toxins in our bodies that arise because of our bad lifestyle. This is a very powerful and tasty health supplement that we can use to boost our immune system as well. This property makes it more valuable and a health wonder. By using it in various recipes, we can lead an organic and healthy life, which we all aim for.

Antifungal and Antibacterial property

All types of honey especially Organic Jamun honey possess natural Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. There can be numerous benefits of the same. It can be applied topically as well as it can be consumed for such benefits. As it’s natural it is not irritating to the skin and the odour is as flowery as the taste.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

This is another benefit of jamun honey for diabetic patients. The presence of antioxidants, bioactive compounds in Organic Jamun Honey may help reduce inflammation in the body, which also helps in neutralising the acid of the stomach so that it doesn’t trigger acidity in any form, making it neutral to the body and natural so that our aim to go close to nature is achieved.

Low Glycemic Index

Jamun honey boasts a low glycemic index due to its slow absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, making it suitable for individuals concerned about blood sugar levels. Derived from the nectar of the Indian blackberry (Syzygium cumini) tree, it offers a natural alternative to traditional sweeteners. You can order jamun honey from any reputed online organic store.

For diabetes patients, jamun honey can serve as a good alternative to satisfy regular sweet cravings.

With its rich flavour profile and potential health benefits, jamun honey serves as a favourable choice for those seeking to manage their glycemic intake effectively.

Word for the health

Jamun honey offers numerous potential health benefits. It is essential to remember that individual responses may vary, and more scientific research is needed to fully understand its effects on human health. Additionally, people with allergies to bee products should be cautious when consuming honey, including jamun honey. 

Consulting with a medical professional is advisable before adding any new supplement or food to your diet, especially if you have existing concerns or health conditions.

Discover the goodness of pure organic Jamun honey. Azaya Organics offers a variety of organic products. Visit our organic store in Delhi to order today.

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